Car Removals
Car Removals
Highest Cash Payments with Australia’s Leading Car Removals in Perth.

AEG Cash for Cars is a distinguished car wrecking company offering quick, convenient and hassle-free car removals against top-dollar cash. Regardless of the age, make, model and brand, we pick up your vehicle and offer free towing assistance. Why let your junk car block unnecessary space? Dial us and get your scrap car removed instantly!

Operating successfully for more than 10 years, we have become one of the acclaimed wreckers owing to our prompt customer support, eco-friendly car disposal techniques and fair payment systems. Whether your vehicle is smashed in an accident, faulty or written off, that won’t prevent you from getting true cash. We maintain utmost transparency and even buy a distorted vehicle that has recently met with an accident. To know how much your car is worth, give a call and receive upfront quotes.

Car Removals
Eco-Friendly Car Disposals & Instant Cash Handover
Your struggle of selling a scrap car ends in just 60 seconds when you speak to our professionals. What you need to do is, fill up our online form furnishing your car details. Our car appraisers will evaluate the existing condition and offer upfront quotes depending upon the severity of the damage. Car removal is a tedious job that requires professional skills and we come up with the latest tools and equipment to make the process safe and stress-free. Most importantly, we inspect the in and out of your vehicle and pay the price your junk car truly deserves.
Car Removals
Skilled Wreckers & High-Tech Equipment Makes Car Removal a Breeze
Scrap car removals involve time and labor, but our wreckers make it a breeze using proven skills and ground-breaking techniques. Our tow trucks are well maintained and driven by tech-efficient drivers. Besides making car removal a breeze, we follow eco-friendly techniques to minimize carbon footprint and ensure your scrap vehicle doesn’t cause harm to the environment.
Same-Day Car Disposals Against Unbeatable Cash: Call Today
Our process for scrap car disposal in Australia is quick, easy and convenient.
  • Enter your car details, including age, make, model and condition to get an approx quote instantly.
  • Our car appraisers will evaluate the information and provide you with a quick quote. Once you agree to the quoted price, we will schedule a free car pick-up.
  • We will arrive at your premises as per the promised time and get your vehicle removed within 24 hours.
Can’t Wait to Earn Cash? Call Today!
Why let an abandoned car seize your mental peace? Speak to our auto dismantlers and earn from every piece of your useless junk. We are ready to assist you with free auto removals anytime you place a query. For quick & convenient car disposals, call today!