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When you use our service to find the best scrap car buyers in Perth, you’ll realize we do everything we can to make sure you and your needs come first. We start with quick and simple quotes; just give us a few details, then we’ll return the best possible price – instantly.

At AEGcashforcars, we make it straightforward to scrap your Volkswagen. If you no longer need your Volkswagen car, van or ute but are worried that the age and condition of your VW will prevent you from getting a quick sale, then you should consider scrapping it with Perth car wreckers instead. After all, many people are now concerned about the environment, so scrapping a car that is beyond its best makes sense rather than continuing to run it given the material wastage and pollution that can occur from older vehicles.

Wrecking a Accident/Damaged Volkswagen

If your Volkswagen has been involved in an accident, then your insurance company will need to inspect it. This is so they can determine whether any roadworthiness repairs that may be necessary will cost more than the vehicle’s value. If they will cost more, then your Volkswagen will be considered a ‘write-off’ and, therefore, it will need to be scrapped.

We buy all Volkswagen models and everything Volkswagen. We are your Junk My VW  service for Amarok, Caddy, Golf, Jetta, Multivan, Passat, Polo, Tiguan, Touareg, Transporter and new Beetle. 1990-2022; We specialize in used VW parts for Volkswagens and have thousands of used VW parts on hand for all your restoration projects.

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At AEG cash for cars, we’ve created a network of wreckers who pay cars to cover all Perth areas. It doesn’t matter where in the region you are – we’ll help you get an exceptional price.

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The whole process is simple & hassle-free. You only need to call us or fill the online form. Thereupon, the job of our cash for cars team begins and we offer online quotes and then wait for the acceptance from your side. Once you agree upon our quote, we arrange Volkswagen removal from your place and offer you instant cash in your hand.