How Much My Car Worth Perth

Finding out how much your car is worth in Perth is an important first step in selling or trading in your unwanted vehicle or when using your car as collateral toward your next car. While free online services can give you a pretty good idea of your car’s value in Western Australia, you might need to contact a professional cash for cars appraisal if you’re wanting to secure a safe and quick sale.

Steps to Estimate your Car’s Value in Perth

How Much My Car Worth Perth

Finding out your car’s value from a reputable Australian cash for cars website is a great way to make sure you’re getting a fair deal before you sell or trade in your car.

Does the Value of My Vehicle Differ by State?

Resale values differ in each state in Australia. Weather conditions in your area play a significant factor in your car’s value. Wild summer conditions will cause your vehicle to be less valuable.

The time of year can also affect your car’s value. Wait until the right season to sell your vehicle – 4x4s during winter; coupes and sports cars in warm seasons.

A state’s industry can also play a role. Rural and industrial regions have a higher desire for trucks and 4×4 vehicles over small vehicles. In urban locations, smaller cars have a greater demand due to commute times.

What’s my vehicle worth?

AEG cash for cars uses a unique car buying process to get you the highest cash price for your vehicle. It’s simple, fast and convenient. Simply fill out the form here  and submit it online.

Once you’ve clicked “accept”, our cash for cars team will make arrangements to pick up your vehicle and drop off your payment same day. They’ll take your vehicle to their facility to be recycled responsibly. (Go here to see what happens to your vehicle).

Here are some recent successful bids (October– November 2023):

Vehicle Amount City Province
1998 BMW 325i $600 East Perth WA
2014 Nissan Pathfinder $7000 Cannington WA
2012 Holden Captiva $3500 Kalamunda WA
2006 Volkswagen Eos $700 Fremantle WA
2005 Mercedes E-Class $900 Fremantle WA
2008 Nissan Tiida $750 Perth WA
2009 Hyundai Santa Fe $1,500 Mandurah WA
2011 Jeep Compass $3400 Rockingham WA
2013 Toyota Prius $2,500 Armadale WA
2014 Ford Escape $2,200 Perth North WA
2004 Mazda Premacy $500 Midland WA
2014 Toyota Hilux $7000 Mandurah WA
2000 Holden Commodore $300 Armadale WA
2011 Isuzu D-Max $5000 Kalamunda WA
2002 Nissan Atlas $4000 Fremantle WA
2016 Toyota Aqua $9,000 Cannington WA
2004 Hyundai Santa Fe $600 Perth South WA
2007 MINI Cooper $1300 Rockingham WA
1998 Honda Civic $400 Joondalup WA
2010 Honda Fit $900 Perth WA
2002 Toyota Highlander $1200 Joondalup WA

How do we estimate your car’s value?

AEG Cash for Cars calculates vehicle values based on market car price both (salvage and used car)